Wednesday, 26 March 2014

H&M Wishlist

When we went to the US I walked into H&M once or twice and nothing caught my eye. Maybe it's because I had so many other stores to spend my money play in but I'm super excited for it to open here.

Since it's my birthday a week after the official opening I might pop in then, best to avoid these kinda stores for a while until the hype dies down. I said the same thing about Zara but went in a few days later and stood in line with my super patient husband for 15 minutes so we'll see.

I love being able to look through the stuff online, it'll make the shopping much easier. I pinned these things so I know what to look for once I'm in there.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Acrylic Makeup Drawers

A big fat sorry for coming back to blog, and then not doing it. My laptop had its latest update and now won't stop restarting itself whenever it feels like it. Although Blogger does save my stuff regularly as I'm writing it, sometimes it doesn't & I keep losing my posts. I need to take it to the Apple hospital so before I do that I'll try writing a post or two.

I wanted one of these clear makeup drawers for ages but couldn't bring myself to spend $100+ on one, then randomly on Catch of the Day they had them for $40 so I grabbed one! It's very durable, has a good grip on the bottom and the drawers aren't flimsy. 

I'm really glad I got one, I can see where everything is and it's not a pain to reach for my stuff everyday.
I don't really have that much make-up so everything is organised in sections without being too full.

Powders: Blushes / Bronzer / Setting Powder/ Illuminator

Foundations / Concealer / Corrector 

Eyeshadows / Eyeliners / Bases

Nail Stuff & Tools

Lips / Lashes / Brows

Hand & Foot Creams / Other Skincare Stuff

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

M & J Wedding

On Saturday we attended my cousin's wedding. 
After spending about a week trying to find a dress, I ended up buying this yellow one about 4 hours before we had to be there. Normally finding a dress wouldn't be THAT much of an issue, but I injured my knee last month and can't wear heels. So attempting to find a maxi dress was a pain in the butt, but luckily I found a wedding appropriate one.
(Ignore the bitchface & crappy quality photo, it's the only decent almost-full length photo I could find.)

The cocktail wedding was held at The Boathouse, it looked really gorgeous. I unfortunately didn't end up taking any photos at night when they put the lanterns out. 

Monday, 3 February 2014

Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturiser & Real Techniques Sponge Review

I spent a good hour in David Jones looking for a Tinted Moisturiser that was as good at my Laura Mercier one, but wasn't as shiny. Nothing really seemed as good so I decided to go with the oil free version of the LM one. I was pretty hesitant to hand over $60 for a foundation I might not even like, but summer & tinted moisturiser don't go well together and I needed something good.

When I first tried it, I used my foundation brush and it super streaky. The formula is very different from the original one, not sure how to explain it.. just thicker (but not foundation-thick) and dries/sets really quickly. So you have to work really fast otherwise it gets blotchy. The second time, I put the TM on the back of my hand and dipped the Real Techniques sponge and then just pressed it into my skin, no blotchiness at all! I also found that using the sponge really covers up pores in the t-zone area.

The oil-free one is definitely better than the original one. It's nowhere near as greasy-looking, has more coverage & lasts longer.

I love the Real Techniques Sponge! I don't have the Beauty Blender to compare it to, but I have no issues with the RT sponge so I won't be buying anything else. On top of it applying the TM flawlessly, it makes my concealer set well enough not to crease for most of the day.

I use the long (right) side for my foundation all over, the flatter part for my concealer and the pointy bit for any blemishes or the inner corner of my eyes.

 The only annoying thing is that it's very hard to wash completely, concealer tends to stain it very quickly, but since I apply my TM in the bathroom I give it a quick wash with a tiny amount of antiseptic hand wash every day. And at less than $10 a sponge, it's not really a big deal to replace every 3-ish months.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Beauty Buys

  • I love my Real Techniques brushes so when I saw that they released a Beauty Blender-esq sponge for less than $10 I ordered one straight away. The Miracle Complexion Sponge gives your foundation an airbrushed finish. I roughly apply my Tinted Moisturiser with my brush and then press it in with the sponge. It's really good at covering up pores, just gotta remember to use it while it's damp.
  • I have used the original Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser for about 1.5 years now but in summer it starts getting really annoying because it won't stay on without a good primer. Unfortunately my face cannot stand primers and starts losing its shit. So I thought I'd give the oil free one a go and it's perfect. Although it's about $20 more expensive than the original which is pretty lame.
  • I won the Redken Diamond Oil set from Primped and my hair loves it! I never bought expensive shampoo/conditioner because it seemed pointless but I think I'm going to be a shampoo snob now. Not a fan of the hair mask because my hair isn't dry enough for it, but the serum is awesome.
  • Whenever I'm in a crappy mood I go straight to Priceline, no idea why but it's just a (bad) habit now. I got sucked into all the Bioderma hype and tried out the Crealine H2O Cleanser & Make Up Remover. I like just going over it after I cleanse because there's always a tiny amount of makeup left and it doesn't irritate my face. But I don't think my makeup is ever heavy enough for me to fork out the $20 a bottle.
  • I have 5 bottles of red polish sitting on my shelf. A combination of "needing" a darker red and Priceline's 2 for $20 Essie sale, I picked out A-List. I think my 50 Shades of Red collection is now complete.
  • I only use moisturiser every now and then so I just went with a cheap Nivea face cream, which does the trick when my skin is having a crappy day

Friday, 6 December 2013

2013 Favourite Things

So I'm not officially back in blogland just yet, but looking back at my posts I realised that I want to do a end of year post. They are always fun to look back on and I'd probably be kicking myself for missing out on it this time around. 

Glee (can't believe it took me SO long to start watching this!) Scandal, The Originals, Parenthood & New Girl.
I'm pretty bummed that the last season of Dexter was such a disappointment though!

 I loved Despicable Me 2 but it was one of the only movies I watched

Ron Pope

According to my Goodreads account I've read 39 books since July. Given that they're just "light" books it's not that many. But my favourite ones that I've read are John Green's The Fault in our Stars, Wait for You by J.Lynn and everything by Colleen Hoover. And I got no idea where my love for Young Adult books came from but it doesn't look like it's going away anytime soon.

Sushi, Hanaichi 

iPad Mini


I have barely been shopping this year so I don't really have a particular one. So I'll just add my favourite US stores instead. Bath & Body Works, Macy's, Forever 21 & Old Navy

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser and Bath & Body Works Lotions

Essie Material Girl & Essie Clambake

Thursday, 12 September 2013

See you in 2014!

Without getting too personal, I have to stop blogging for a little while. I'll hopefully be back at the beginning of next year.

I'll still be on Instagram every now and then.
Username: ad0rkable