Thursday, 29 September 2011

Bunny Love

I had a dream about our bunnies that we had up until March, so I thought they deserve their own post.

My parents surprised me with a gorgeous bunny a few years ago. 
Before Thumper grew to be dinosaur sized, he was constantly playing around in my bedroom, discovering things under the bed or just using up the most inconvenient spot on the floor to sleep.

Two years later we bought a dwarf rabbit who Hubby named Hercules. Unfortunately them two didn't along and after two play-dates they stayed in their own home.

So once when I went to feed Hercules, I was greeted my 4 more family members. Hercules became Herci. Along with TJ, Dexter, Barney & Snoopy.
Unknown to us Thumper had Myxomatosis (common, incurable, contagious disease) and passed away within about a week. Once we noticed that Herci also had the same symptoms we knew the babies were going along the same path. So within about a month we lost 6 bunnies.
As much as we loved having them, we probably wouldn't buy anymore again until the Myxo vaccinations become available in Australia.


  1. Those bunnies- so cute, such a sad story

  2. Oh I love this post even though it had a sad ending. I had three rabbits, one died a few months due to unknown causes so I know how the loss feels. Now I just have my dwarf hotot and mini lop that are housed separately because they are not bonded :c Thumper was a gorgeous colour!

  3. Gorgeous bunnies but that's so sad you lost your pets. :(

  4. Aw that's so sad!! I wasn't ready for the sad ending :(

    My Gosh bunnies are adorable.

  5. I love bunnies but i too wouldn't buy any again until the Myxomatosis vaccine is available in Australia. It makes me so mad how many people lose their beautiful domestic buns to it. If they vaccinate against Calicivirus here, why can't they vaccinate against Myx? *grumble*

    They look they were super beautiful bunnies. I am sorry for your losses last year x

    1. Ridiculous isn't it? I've seen many bunnies in he pet shop with the symptoms and they were still selling them. I'm assuming all the bunnies around it would have got it too.