Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Hair story.

First time I dyed my hair was at home with mums box of home colouring when I was around 14. I dyed it red. I hate red but I dyed it red repeatedly because I hated my hair - it was dry, I had no straightener and it was quite thick. I constantly wanted my hair blonde, straight and very long, although I kept cutting it once it got to the awkward shoulder length...genius.

Then I got a hold of a good hair straightener and grew my hair out, got rid of my blonde streaks, got brown highlights and was semi-happy with it. After several failed attempts to go blonde without the orange tones, a lovely hairdresser in Sydney finally got that sorted.

I had nice light brown hair when I was young, which developed into a dark brown. This is me when I was 4.. decided to cut my own fringe.

2008 - Healthy hair after keeping it medium brown for a while.

2009 - Blonde streak in light-brown hair. It was the 'thing' to do back then.

2009 - Went dark after constant red tones coming through my blonde-attempt.

2009 - Gradually going blonde with foils. This was constantly coming up with orange tones which a good HD finally fixed up.

2010 - Fresh full head of foils.

2011 - Before my last trim, my ends were dying. Hair is a bit shorter now.

After my next head of foils next month I'll be going back to a soft brunette shade with highlights!

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