Monday, 28 November 2011

Wrapping time!

I started wrapping pressies this weekend. I have about 18 people to shop for, and it's around 3-5 presents each so I'm doing a couple of them a day otherwise I'd go mad.
These are just some of the kids pressies and a couple things for the grown ups.

My colour theme is pink/green/blue but the pink looks red in the photos for some reason. The name tags are made from glitter scrapbook paper, round cutter and silver glitter letters.

And Michael Buble's Christmas album is a must while wrapping!


  1. Definitely agree with the Buble album for wrapping - I bought it for the same reason :)
    Love your gift wrapping, it looks gorgeous.

  2. Wow, you are so organised, I'm jealous, I haven't even started!

    The wrapping looks fantastic! :-)

  3. Cute wrapping. I love to have Christmas music playing when I wrap the gifts as well.

  4. So pretty! Love the letter labels.