Saturday, 3 December 2011

This & That

Saturdays are usually packed with shopping, lunches, dinners etc. but today everyone was busy so I decided to do a bit of Christmas shopping. 20minutes later I ran out of 'Christmas money' for the week and came home to relax.

Rented the HP movies because we're going to the Harry Potter Expo in Sydney and I have the worst memory so trying to store all the information into my brain so I know what I'm looking at when we're there.

I bought Yankee Candles and they don't smell. At all. They do up close but the candles were burning for about 4 hours and nothing. So disappointed.

I've been looking for Christmas themed pretzels literally everywhere, and found that Coles has them online but nobody in actual Coles can find them. So frustrating because I need them soon to make something for Christmas Day. But I do love these Coles magazines, so many ideas and it's free!

OPI Bubble Bath is the perfect polish. It's very pretty and it's not very obvious when it decides to chip.(Excuse the dark pink bits on my nails, I couldn't get rid of my previous polish decently)

Found a bunch of pretty ornaments at a news agency for $3, I behaved and only bought one because I plan on raiding the stores on Boxing Day.

Perfect ornament to buy for our first Christmas as hubby & wife!

I don't think these poor branches can handle anymore ornaments.

I love random Christmas decos around the house like this, it's a nice change from having tinsel everywhere.


  1. Harry Potter expo?! I have never heard of this before! I assume there isn't one in Melbourne? :(

  2. No unfortunately not, just Sydney. It's supposed to be really good with props from all the movies!

  3. Yankee candles usually have quite a strong smell when burning? :( Where did you get yours?

  4. I got it from one of those random stalls in a shopping centre. They had a lot of them and seem to be authentic with proper packaging but not too sure what happened.

  5. That's so sad about the candles! I would take them back and complain (actually I probably wouldn't... But I would really really really want to!)

    LOL @ running out of Xmas money after 20 minutes! At least you're decisive!