Saturday, 28 January 2012

Chinese New Year

Went out with the family yesterday, ended up having lunch at Cafe Chinotto which we used to go to when we were younger. And that's the only reason we still go there, the food is pretty average and there isn't too much to choose from.

How can you not love Melbourne when they provide you with beach chairs and umbrellas so you can watch the tennis comfortably?

We made our way down to the Yarra and had a look at all the Chinese New Year stalls. Yummy food and gorgeous flowers were everywhere. Also decided to embarrass our mum and buy her an Angry Birds Balloon which she had to carry around everywhere. (She got a new phone for Christmas and has not stopped playing Angry Birds on it.)

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  1. Omg I cannot wait to move to Melbourne. Reading your post made me more and more excited! How cool are the exotic flowers and plants and lmao to the angry birds balloon!