Friday, 20 January 2012

Random Things.

I got tagged a few times for these things and I already started doing this so I think I'll stick to just doing the 10 randoms for now.

1. I'm so so bad with my lefts & rights, I have to think twice about it and on worse days I have to imagine what hand I write with to remember which is my right.

2. I have a fear of drowning, I hate being near or above the water. And when I'm at the beach I always have to face the sand or I freak out.

3. I haven't had my natural hair colour (dark brown) since I was 15.

4. I don't mind doing housework but I absolutely hate putting on sheets & quilt covers. I don't know if it's because I'm small and a weakling but it's definitely my least favourite thing to do.

5. I can handle a spider and bugs but have a mental breakdown when I see a mouse or rat.

6. I get crazy cravings for food and it doesn't go away until I get my hands on it.

7. I love buying underwear, before my last clean out (because the drawer was full mainly) I had over 70 pairs. I think I'm almost back to that number again.

8. When I was 14, during my school holidays, I taught myself all the html codes and made a couple of websites. Too bad I only remember the basics now.

9. I always hated exercise and refused to do sports at school the whole time. I was the kid who walked around the oval and only ran when I was passing a teacher.

10. I might get a tattoo on my wrist when we go to America. Hopefully I think of something to get before we go there.


  1. I am a self confessed underwear addict too !
    I loveeee the layout of your blog it so easy to read and so peaceful!
    I shall be stopping by frequently!

    1. Thank you! I was very picky with the blog layout so that's definitely the best compliment!

  2. Number 1 makes me feel so much better about saying "right" and pointing left while giving directions lol

  3. Yay! Nice to get to know a lil about you :) I have a tattoo on my wrist and I love it! Lol at number 3! I'm the same.... x

    1. I loooovveee your tat, perfect size & font!

  4. I am the same with my lefts and rights (or wrongs, if you will!).

    I turn my left wrist, as if I am checking my watch for the time- even though I rarely wear a watch. haha.