Thursday, 23 February 2012

7 Random Photos

The hilarious Cindy from UNIQUE BLOG OF AWESOME gave me a Versatile Blogger Award.
I'm supposed to list 7 random things about myself, but since I've done that last month I'll post 7 random pictures from my laptop & write uninteresting things about it.
But do yourself a favour and go on her blog and read her list (and the rest of the blog), it's beyond funny!

1. I was once a baby. I was also very round and bald.

2. I LOVE Starbucks like most people love alcohol. It's my happy place. When Hubby lived in Sydney, there was a Starbucks 15minutes away so we went pretty much daily.

3. I'm not very good at baking but I love making cupcakes - especially for the little ones because they're obsessed with eating them like I am with making them.

4. This photo was taken on one of my birthdays a few years ago, I was teaching my sister (right) how to walk in heels. We tried doing timed self-shots, when I realised I set it on 3 seconds instead of 10 I sprinted on the bed and screamed as the camera started beeping we couldn't stop laughing after.

5. This was drawn by my talented hubby in 2006 on msn. A few years later the drawing came to life - although my ring wasn't as big as he had drawn it, nor was my hair as bad.

6. First time I went to Sydney was when Hub's parents went overseas for a fortnight. Young couple, house alone to themselves for 2 weeks... blissful yeah? Not when on the 3rd day your wisdom tooth goes mental and you end up looking like Shrek for the rest of the time. The pain was unbearable on top of the fact that I spent the whole time in bed. Fun times.

7. Also in Sydney, on Valentine's Day when Hubby was at work I put heart post-its all over his door with reasons why I love him, as well as balloons and random heart decos on his wardrobe.



    Thanks for the blog love. I cant believe the writer of the blog I anonymously stalked has not only read mine, but it has amused her!

    I laughed so hard at "I was once a baby." Died.
    And you were a cute one!

    That photo of you and your sister- I think you will treasure it forever.

  2. Love the heart-shaped post-its. bet he had fun taking them down too! lol.

  3. Nawww how cute are the post its behind the door!! I love starbucks too :)

  4. How cute is your hubby's drawing!! and the post it notes too.
    I love starbucks too, but theres not as much stores here now (only in the city now I think)sigh but good for my wallet.

  5. the post it notes and the drawing - you guys are beyond cute!!