Monday, 20 February 2012

Frozen Peas & Marc Jacobs

Thank you for all your sweet messages, it was nice having something to read whilst holding a bag of frozen peas to my face! I'm still recovering slooooowly, I was lucky to be well enough to eat yesterday so we went out for dinner, pool & coffee without any issues.

My sister helped me make cupcakes the night before!

I went to two news agencies, various discount stores, Kmart & Target before finally finding an anniversary card in Myer. They are so difficult to find (that are not lame nor cheesy).

Hubby surprised me with a gorgeous gold Marc Jacobs watch! I had to have so many links taken off because I have tiny wrists. I also got the pretty Pour la Victoire shoes!

Before you think that I'm the most tightass wife ever, hubby wanted things for his car as a gift so this was just a small side gift. He became obsessed with Mike & Ike's Zours lollies two years ago but they stopped selling them in stores here (were imported from the US). I found someone who was willing to send 24 bags of them to Australia, so I put them in a big jar for him.


  1. That's a sweet present. I love Mike and Ike's too.

  2. Pretty watch!! Lucky girl! x

  3. Love your blog!
    Now following, hope ya follow me back :)

    xxx Jessica