Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Prada Saffiano Inspired

I posted before that I love the look of the PRADA SAFFIANO LUX TOTE but the price just was too much for a bag that wouldn't be used as much as my LV Neverfull.

I found this one by TORY BURCH which is a pretty similar bag and retails for just under $600.

I also found this one on EBAY, which is obviously not as good quality as the Tory one but for around $60 it's not too bad. I love the simple design but I don't know if I really like the logo in the middle.


  1. I've been looking on ebay too for an inspired one and have been unsuccessful. The more and more I see the Saffiano lux tote the more I want it!!!

  2. haha oh how I love ebay for these types of things! I adore the first bag but I agree Im not sold on the logo in the middle

  3. Ohhhh I like the Tory Burch bag! Very nice.

  4. The Saffiano is such a gorgeous bag. But the pricetag is the killer. Great find!