Wednesday, 11 April 2012


I know I'm like 3 tag related posts behind but I'll jam them all into one.
Thanks to the lovely HappyEverAfterBride for the most recent tag.
I'll do a random photos post again!

My sister and I usually kill time at family parties by taking photos of ourselves, so I made sure we at least got one shot in at the wedding.

This was taken last Easter at my grandparents place. Not sure if I'm doing a tribal dance around the lemon tree or attempting to run.. pretty worrying if this is what I look like while running.

I love the MacBook Photobooth, impossible to look attractive so you don't have to try finding your "good side".

I think this was Christmas in 2010 at my in-laws place. It usually takes over an hour to get through all the presents. This is exactly why all the kiddies are getting one present each this Christmas, who needs 70 Disney crayon sets?

A DIY wedding is 100x more pain in the ass than a regular wedding so most of the tasks weren't fun. But my favourite thing to do was look for ceremony and photo locations, we spent most weekends driving around random areas looking for something suitable. We took our photos on this street.. which we visited 3 times and was always deserted.. yet on the day we had to keep moving off the road because cars kept driving past.

This photo probably sums me up (apart from the old Engagement ring). Coffee, nails, statement ring, phone and scarf.


  1. LOVE this post & love the idea of a DIY wedding, when my time comes i'll be hitting you up for ideas :) thats a beautiful street x

  2. Adore 100% ..My boyfriend and I ALWAYS eat at nandos too hahah we get discounts from our local store because we go there THAT often! :s

  3. Hey I do that dance too (Pic #2)! It's my Happy Dance! I love your iPhone cover, can't wait for mine to arrive...

  4. Awesome post, your random ones are one of my favourites to read! I am so grateful to have help from you and the other past brides xx

  5. chipssssssss give me chips nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    DYI wedding = me doing my sisters wedding... im going crazy....

  6. I MEAN DIY - see I have gone crazy

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA This made me laugh out loud on the bus like an idiot!