Monday, 28 May 2012

50th Wedding Anniversary

On Saturday my cute grandparent's celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary with 100 of their close friends, if they had invited everyone they knew they'd probably need a stadium.  The party was almost a second wedding - lots of food, dancing, speeches, food, music, singing, food, love and food.
I will post my grandma's speech as soon as my mum can translate it (it's in Croatian) because it was gorgeous. My grandpa had a stroke 2 years ago and it caused the left side of his body fairly weak and he didn't want to do a speech because his hand would shake while holding the microphone. So my grandma made him start the speech and then took over and joked that she wanted to do the talking because it's what she does best. It was perfectly done without anyone noticing that she read the whole thing.

I hope one day my grandkids will be blogging about our 50th Wedding Anniversary too.


  1. A 50th anniversary, how amazing! Your grandma's wedding dress was gorgeous, I love how your grandpa is looking at her in the picture. They look like the happiest couple, both 50 years ago and now!

    The food looks delicious also. I can't wait to hear the speech, this post made me all happy and sentimental! It's so nice to see people still in love after such a long time :)

  2. Well done to them! How lovely, I too can't wait to make it to 50 years of marriage!
    Are you Croatian too?? My husband is Croatian.

    1. We only have 49 years to go haha. Yeah I'm Croatian, I think I remember reading on your blog that your hubby is too.

  3. Ohhh I just spotted some oblatne (I am not sure of the spelling!) Yummmm salivating. I love that and napolitanke.

  4. I love seeing the then and now photos.. they still look so in love, it is beautiful. I hope there is a blog about my 50th anniversary too, except i'm sure it won't be called a blog by then lol. Congratulations to them both! xx

  5. Congratulations to them! 50 years is definitely worth a huge celebration.

    Love their wedding picture, just gorgeous! x

  6. Their wedding photo is gorgeous! They look so relaxed and happy - then and now. Congratulations to them!