Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Random Ramblings.

  • I think I have writers blogger's block so I'm gonna do another one of these random thingies.
  • Essie Fiji has been on my nails for a whole week without a single chip, it's been through daily dish washing, clothes washing even toiled scrubbing.
  • I almost bought the Tory Burch Double Zip Tote during the Shopbop sale, while I was trying to decide it sold out. Which is now a good thing because I would have regretted that today.
  • I got way too much chocolate for my birthday. It's all sitting on my thighs now.
  • I've been really addicted to the Ikea mood-board competition. I think I've done 6 rooms so far.
  • I'm tired allllll the time. Sucks so bad. Cannot wait until I start my meds and I get back to normal.
  • I missed about 2 seasons of Grey's Anatomy after I got sick of it. Now I got back onto it and been going through 3-4 episodes a day. Considering I'm in bed most of the time it's very convenient.
  • When we bought my engagement ring our awesome sales assistant gave us a 3 year care plan for free. Soooo guess who lost the receipt for that? 
  • Gathering 'memories' for my grandparent's 50th Anniversary project is proving to be a pain. People have called up and said how excited they were to write it yet only 5 so far and i have 3 weeks to go.
  • Also finding a dress for the party is driving me nuts, no idea what I want to wear and finding dresses during the colder seasons is difficult.


  1. eeks about the ring - did they take your name when you made the purchase? they might just be able to look it up.

    1. The SA who did it for us no longer works there and the manager can't find that she actually even put it through so we'll have to pay for it unfortunately =[

  2. REGRET!? TORY BURCH? no wayyyyyyyy but you have fantastic saving power. I will give you that !
    How annoying about people not writing back when they were so excited in the first place.

    PS. Have nominated you for a blog award :) xx