Saturday, 16 June 2012

Random Ramblings.

  • My grandpa was always hard to shop for therefore he always got pretty crappy gifts (socks, alarm clocks, pens etc). For his birthday last month I randomly fixated on buying him something thoughtful, so after hours and hours on Google, Lasoo and Yahoo Answers I decided to buy him a watch. For a bit I decided against it because I wanted to buy it for him this Christmas but I went back and got it anyway. He was beyond happy with it and showed it to everyone who came past. Grandma told me yesterday that he will be taking the watch with him because he loved it and didn't get to wear it for very long. The fact that I didn't wait until Christmas, that I ended up doing the 50 memories gift for them as well as getting a photo with him at the party means that I have zero regrets. And that makes it a tiny bit easier to get through this.
  • One more thing about this before I change the subject. Take photos. Lots and lots of photos. You never know which will be your last. So drag your camera out to all the events, or even just randomly while hanging out with your family at home. I'm so grateful I have a lot of photos, because it is all I have left now. 
  • I hate my haircut. I cannot stand the distance between my layers which means I have to cut it even shorter. Pretty annoyed but hopefully when I do get around to going to the HD it will look good.
  • The Target Kids Toy Sale catalogue is out, I'm putting all the toys for the kiddies on lay-by online. I did this last Christmas, I saved about 50% off per pressie and also had about 10 less presents to buy in December!
  • Too many stores have springy, bright, floral clothes out at the moment and it totally doesn't go with this depressing weather.
  • I'm really sick of seeing the Celine bag everywhere. 
  • I'm yet to find the energy to sell the 150 wine glasses and plates that we used at our wedding. Do people even buy that stuff?
  • I want an iPad, no idea what for I just want it.


  1. My camera is perm in my bag. Do you know how many times I have caught something that no one else would? I was looking through them on the plane thinking I need to do a blog about them.
    Totally right about the floral prints and FLURO??????? I went into top shop yesterday and someone needs to tell them MORE WINTER STOCK PLEASE? Especially in Melbourne.

    Hope you are okay xx


    1. Haha Melbournians are known for wearing black pretty much throughout the whole of winter yet black is stupidly hard to find at the moment.

  2. Oh, I think it's beautiful that the watch is going with him, lovely. I agree with you about photos - they're so important!

    All this summer and spring stock when it is Winter and I am on a spending ban is killing me. I also can't ankle boots because they're all sold out in my size. It's 11 degrees, people, let us buy warmth!

    1. It's sooooo annoying. It's freezing and light jackets, singlets and dresses are out at the moment. So pointless

  3. I totally agree with you on the springy colours in shops. Especially Dotti... its like a world of pastel when you walk in. I hate how shops stock clothes one season ahead. Stupid.

    1. I know! And then in Spring you regret not buying most of the stuff during winter