Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Faux Brides

I love TV/Movie weddings, you'll rarely find a romantic comedy or TV show without a wedding. My absolute favourite dress is Kate Hudson's from Bride Wars, although the movie is not all that good. My least favourite is easily Carrie's Vivianne Westwood dress, It was so loose around the bust and the dress wasn't all that amazing considering how many designers the show had access to.


  1. Some gorgeous dresses there.

    So many different designs!

  2. Kate Hudson's is my fav too! I want a veil just like that :)

  3. I'm still only 19 but I wish I could just fast forward several years, past all this uni stuff and just get to the point where I'm engaged and then ready to start a family! Honestly can't wait. I've already got folders on my computer with different categories for wedding inspiration haha not embarrassed to admit it! My ideal job would actually be as a wedding planner but I'm not sure I can handle the stress from all the brides! :P

    1. That's what I thought at 19, then you actually start planning, paying, dealing with family etc. and just want to elope haha. Wedding planner would be fun, depending on the bridezilla though.

  4. I love Kate Hudson's dress too, so stunning!
    So many beautiful dresses in your post, I tried to pick which movie/tv show each pic was from hehe xx

  5. Oh my god I'm not up to that episode in One Tree Hill!!!! Arghhhh, ERASE ERASE brain!!!

    It's not your fault, I was just way too slow jumping on the OTH bandwagon lol

  6. I also loved Kate Hudson's dress!!! it was perfect!

    And you're right, Carrie's dress was pretty awful! such a shame!

  7. I loved Kate Hudson's dress also it was beautiful!! So many other beautiful dresses in your post too! Thanks for all the pics :)

  8. Faux brides, love it! I really like Amanda Seyfried's dress...pretty! I think I'd wanna look like a fairy princess on my wedding day, haha.