Saturday, 22 September 2012

Japas Sushi Bar

When we decide to try new places to eat, we end up all the way upstairs in the very back, which is practically a storage room (no joke!). So we just stick to our usual places that we know are good.
We used to go to sushi train in Sydney quite a bit, so we decided to check this place out.

Japas has a sushi train as well as proper restaurant seating, you can order from the menu at the train section too, but we were too busy eating everything to care about ordering. It's got a nice variety of dishes, my absolute favourite is the crab meat salad and I also loved the salmon and cream cheese sushi roll.. yummy. As you can tell by our giant stack of empty plates we enjoyed everything we tried.

It's a very affordable meal, lots of food to choose from, plus the staff are very attentive and friendly which is pretty rare these days. Only thing that is a bit odd is that there is no pricing for the sushi train plates, but after the first visit we found out that all plates were $3.80. This is definitely a go-to place for us from now on.

Level 3, Melbourne Central


  1. Oh yum! That crab salad looks awesome.

  2. That looks good and all the same price? wow! awesome.

  3. thats pretty cool! I've never tried a sushi train, I'm too shy!! lol. I think I might pay this place a visit with my bf after the royal melbourne show this weekend :)

  4. Yum yum yum. I loveeee sushi! And sushi trains are just so much fun :)

  5. Yummo, we are heading to Melbourne tomorrow and my son has requested Sushi Train, looks fabbo.
    Thanks so much !