Monday, 10 December 2012

Random Ramblings

Since I'm a few presents away from finishing my Christmas Shopping I thought I'd get started on the wrapping. Because I take forever to wrap a present perfectly I do about 5 a day before I start getting tired. This year I have just over 30 pressies to wrap!

We went to the Suzuki Night Market at the Queen Victoria Markets, food wasn't too bad but as usual very overpriced. The stalls had a lot of cute stuff, would have been perfect for Christmas presents.

Little Noa celebrated his 1st birthday on Saturday. It was over 35degrees so he was chilling without a top on, minding his own business while the other kiddies played in their huge backyard. Party started at 10am and I had less than 4 hours sleep so I was dead tired when I got home. 

I used my Bobbi Brown corrector until there was nothing left to use. I hate paying a crapload for products but this one is just too good. I have a few $20 MYER vouchers so makes it a little more affordable. The girl at the counter was new and took forever to get me the right shade, she had about 4 of them open and repeatedly forgot which one she matched me to. Then put concealer on and once again forgot what shade she put on. I felt pretty bad for her because the other women working there were constantly busy and ignored her when she asked for something.

We went to China Bar yesterday, the food was a bit disappointing but desserts were really yummy as usual. I prefer the dinner food but couldn't bring ourselves to spend $70 per person on dinner when we can have an awesome dinner at Sushi Train or Nandos for half the price.


  1. What is the bobbi brown corrector for ?? Dark circles, i hope you say yes :)

    1. Sure is! It's sooooo good if you have dark circles and concealers alone aren't all that good.

  2. oooh the night market!! i love going but its not worth it to go allllll the way into the city when i live out near chelsea!

    & pretty gift wrapping, you really do make it perfect!

  3. amazing pics ! the first ribbon is what I use to do my flowers with - the black and white striped one!

  4. woops that comment was for the above post.... BUT my mouth is watering over the pav I think thats why I came to this comment box first. xx