Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Grandma's 73rd Birthday

My grandma's 73rd birthday was on Friday. We went to her place for the last party/event as she's moving in 2 weeks. 
I got her flowers, a top, Kikki.K Memory Book and Witchery wallet. I spent forever waiting for this wallet to go on sale, and when it did, it was only reduced by around $20. And on the day I gave in and went to buy it, ended up being 50% off. 
I thew this poncho top thingy away around 7 years ago and found it in a bag in the backyard. Good thing I decided to give it another go because I had a major wardrobe crisis (why don't I ever have anything to wear??) and this was perfect for the typical windy, hot, sometimes cold, cloudy but sunny Melbourne day.