Thursday, 21 March 2013

Happy Tears

Grandma has had a hell of a crap year, we all have, but she has more than any of us. Lost her husband, had to sell her home and recently found out one of her closest friends isn't going to be able to fight his cancer. So yesterday when her sister arrived, who she hasn't seen for 12 years, it was extra special.

Grandma's new place is as colourful and homey as her old place, just a bit smaller. It's almost all done, just waiting for a small kitchen island and tv cabinet to be finished. The workers were about a month late which gave us a whole 3 days to unpack and organise everything.

Speaking of workers... not too sure how you get this wrong on BOTH cabinet doors. We had to point it out because the boss man thought it was a handle-less cabinet and didn't fix it earlier.

Been altering our trip so many times, always felt like we should go to as many states as possible because everyone was telling us to but really we just wanted to see NY more than anything. So we slowly kept reducing state numbers until we got to NY (2 weeks) + a day trip to DC, and LA 4 days. I'll do a post on the US soon to get as many tips as possible from all of you who have already been.

Little miss Panda gets very creepy sometimes...

She falls asleep near my feet and when I go to sleep she makes her way up the top and either hijacks my pillow or snuggles into my arms.. and on lucky nights I don't get her butt in my face.


  1. Wtf as if you put both cabinet doors on the wrong way!! lol
    Omg your kitty is soooooo cute!!
    New York & LA are definitely the must-see places. You've made the right choice!

  2. Aw those are such beautiful photos of your Grandma and Grand-Aunt!

    Panda is adorable!!! I love when my cats sleep with me! The other night I used this foot cream with a slight coconut scent... And my little Bender was coconut scented for a few days! hehe.

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  4. How lovely for your grandma-so much emotion in those faces. 12 years is a long time!

    Duh... on the doors.

  5. That is so sweet!!! Made me all warm and fuzzy inside :)
    So jealous of you going to the US!! Shopppping non stop :D