Monday, 8 April 2013

Officially booked!

We FINALLY booked all our stuff for the US!!  
I assumed planning would be fun and easy, but like wedding planning, it got to be a pain very fast. You have to learn where everything is before booking hotels, if it's safe, close to everything, easy access to trains etc.
We booked a cheap (well cheap for spring/summer) hotel in NY, The Pod and it was a bunk bed... I have no problems sleeping in bunk beds but the thing was a shoe box and we had to use a shared bathroom. I'm not a princess and saving money was a priority but we are spending 2 weeks in NY and the thought of being in such a cramped space sucked. I went back on Expedia to look at NY hotels again and found one right next to Times Square for just a bit extra.. with our own bathroom and king bed! Lucky cancellations are free and hubby was awesome enough to agree that we should change. So yay good hotel!

On top of that we kept changing our minds about where to go, so booking tickets had to be left until we were 110% sure of where we wanted to go.

We decided on;
14 days in New York
3 days in San Francisco
2 days in Los Angeles

We originally didn't want to go to San Francisco but when we had 5 days left over in LA, we decided that there's a lot more to do/see in San Fran and it's conveniently close. Our two days in LA are Disneyland on day 1, and day 2 we don't leave for Australia until 11:30pm, so we got a hotel close to the airport and we'll go explore close-by bits of the place for the day, and possibly do some last minute shopping if we can shove anything else in our suitcases by then.

Now comes the easier task, like writing lists of all the things we want to do/see in each place, what clothes to pack & what to buy in the US (the what-not-to-buy list would be much smaller, me thinks!).

Any suggestions on places to eat, shop or visit are VERY welcome.


  1. Jealous! Can't wait to see all your pics and read all about your trip!

    1. Can't wait to post all the pics, I imagine there will be quite a few posts when I come back.

  2. That trip sounds like it will be a lot of fun! I can't wait to do a US trip. Until then, I will live vicariously through you ha

    1. I can't wait to go! Been waiting for 2 years since our wedding for this trip. :D

  3. In LA we did a bus tour to see all the sites. There were a few stops for pics etc and it was a good way to see lots of landmarks in a short amount of time. It was probably about 3 hours or so? They pick you up and drop you back at your hotel.

    1. That sounds perfect for the last day, thanks!

  4. Your trip sounds like its going to be awesome! and good idea in booking a hotel for your time in NYC, as much as the hostel would be cheaper, i think for 14 days you would get over sharing it!
    I did a post recently on my blog about USA and things that I recommend, check it out if you want -

    1. Oh perfect, I'll go through your post now

  5. I'm so glad you are going to San Fran, originally I didn't want to either and I regret I only spent three days there!!! It is a truly incredible city and my fav next to NY!

    1. I'm excited to go there now, looks gorgeous

  6. I stayed in a shoe box hotel room in New York!! It was clean enough but just so cramped. Luckily it was only 2 days there on my own (as I had stayed in a bigger hotel on my contiki tour).

    Do you mean 2 days in LA? California is a very big state! :P Apart from disneyland, I think you should definitely check out hollywood boulevard in LA (well, hollywood) - its really simple to get there by the subway. do a day trip there and also to santa monica and venice beach if you can! im not sure if the trains go there but buses definitely do.

    I would recommend one of those hop-on-hop-off bus tours in san fran, it'll take you to all the sites you need to see! make sure you walk over the golden gate bridge! it'll be pretty cold but its worth it, cos well... when else are you gonna do it!? haha

    I only spent 5 days in new york so you're pretty lucky you're spending longer there! I rode a bike around central park while i was there... it takes about an hour and its the best way to see the whole park rather than walking (which would prob take longer)
    and I would pick the "top of the rock" (rockerfeller centre) over empire state building as far as lookouts go - the view there is so much more beautiful!

    1. Oh God I didn't even realise I wrote California hahaha, fixed it up now. Will definitely get a bike for Central Park, sounds more fun than walking anyway.

      Thanks for all the info!

  7. YAY new blog!

    This trip you have planned looks AMAZING!!!!!!! x

  8. Love your blog redesign! I actually just moved to SF in November and I'm head over heels in love. Three days will go by so quickly, especially because SF is a city where you will spend most of your time just walking and exploring. Also, blocks are deceptively big!

    My suggestions~

    -Tartine bakery (be prepared to wait!).
    -Mama's in North Beach (the breakfast is so yummy).
    -Fillmore St in Pac Heights (lots of nice boutiques and cafes-Jane is my favourite). If you're up for more walking, venture down Fillmore and into Cow Hollow (more shops, there's a good whiskey/sliders bar there too called Marengo) and onto Fisherman's Wharf. Ghiradelli Square is here too.
    -If you walk the other way up Fillmore, there's Japantown. Sophie's Crepes are the *best* crepes I've ever had.
    -Union Square for novelty shopping (Sephora, F21, HM, Uniqlo, Gap, Bath and Bodyworks, Anthropologie, UO, Westfield).
    -Stop off at Boudin in Macy's for a clam chowder bread bowl. Their hot chocolates are also way nicer than Starbucks.
    -If you walk towards SOMA from Union Square there's also Yerba Buena park and further onwards there's the MOMA.
    -Maiden Lane in Union Square is a really lovely little strip with cafes and boutiques.
    -Dolores Park in the Mission.
    -Alamo Square Park (if you loved Fullhouse).
    -Alta Plaza Park (I live here and personally it's my favourite park, with a really lovely view of the city and it's dog friendly, so there's always heaps of cute puppies here).

    If you need any more tips, feel free to tweet me @MaddyVeenstra x