Monday, 22 April 2013

Random Ramblings

Pretty flowers I got for my birthday.. which are unfortunately in a glass at the moment. I broke 2 vases recently, somehow crushed in my hand while washing them and never got around to buying new ones. I also got the nicest Oriental Lilies but have to keep them far away from the kitties.

Exactly a month today until we leave, so exciting. I still have to write up a pre-trip shopping list. I hate rushing around last minute so hopefully it gets done on the weekend.

Hubby & I dump our coins into this jar then take it to the bank when it starts getting full. We're at $200 now yay, probably leave it for when we come home very poor from the US.

This is what my room usually looks like during 'Purchase' posts.

On my birthday-eve hubby bought me a bunch of junk food, which I decided to surround Panda with.

Kitties patiently waiting outside for their dinner.

Panda was dead asleep for about 4 hours straight, I come into the bedroom with grilled cheese sandwiches and she looked like this. Took her a good 5minutes to decide if she would sleep or steal my food. Sandwiches won.

Essie Marshmallow is too pretty to care about the long application process. Two coats is perfect but streaky, 3 coats is too dark but no streaks.

 Cutest birthday card I got from little ones ages 3 & 1.


  1. Yay for pre-trip shopping lists, I'm a big fan! Aw how cute is sleepy Panda <3
    I have a picture from my niece of a "money tree" because she overhead me say I needed one - she provided one, complete with detachable paper "cash" ;-) kids are cute!

  2. One month-exciting! We are part thinking about having our honeymoon in the US next year. See what happens!
    Cute kitties! x