Saturday, 25 May 2013

Seventy Seven

Today would have been your 77th Birthday.

 I wouldn't be here for your birthday but would leave you a present for Grandma to give to you today. You were always SO hard to shop for, but worth so much more than the lame pen or socks everyone would buy you every year. I will never forget your big smile last year when I got you a watch and you went around showing it to everyone. But you were never disappointed with any gift, you were just happy to have everyone gathered at the house, eating your very special roast that was on the table every birthday. Then once we got back from the US I would show you all the photos I took in NY and you would tell me, once again, what all the streets used to look like 50 years ago when you were there. You always loved sharing your stories in great detail about your travels with me and I loved listening to them.

 You showed me your New York in the 1960's and it kills me that I won't get to show you mine.

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  1. Brought tears to my eyes. I can see you shared a very special bond. You were lucky to have that. Hugz.