Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Random Ramblings

This is going to be a small and probably pointless post. I've had a busy few weeks with Mother's Day and sister's 18th birthday which took up most of my time. And then on top of that getting the last minute stuff sorted for our trip.

Pan was exploring some stuff on the floorboards and got this plastic thingy stuck to her nose. She didn't  notice it for about 15minutes. She has some rash on her tummy and we took her to the vet because it wasn't going away and I wanted to make sure she was ok while weren't around. The vet said she needed injections & I freaked out, I looked away the whole time while Panda just casually sat there. Turns out cats don't feel it... would have been good to know that before I openly turned into a freaked-out mummy.

One of the pressies I got for my sister's 18th.

We bought a compact camera for our trip. As much as I love having an SLR, it can be a pain in the butt to carry around so we usually end up with no photos because we're too lazy to bring it with us. We also wanted to record bits & pieces of our trip so we got this guy for all of that.

Mother's Day this year was a bit of a disaster. A huge pain-in-the-ass relative randomly decided that she's taking everyone out to a park (on a 16deg rainy day!) so I didn't see my mum the entire day, except for the 5mins to give her the presents in the morning.

And since my MIL lives in Sydney, we made sure she got some presents from us too. 

I get my blood test every 6 weeks, it's usually a quick walk down the road, a super quick jab and out I go. Except for the last visit. She poked me once and nothing was coming out (although it hurt like a biatch!), she moved onto my right hand and tried again but the blood was dripping super slow. After she continued to blame me for not drinking enough water (I definitely did!) she got another woman to try. She got it straight away. By the time I finished my 2minute walk home the whole area started to swell up, and it stayed bruised like this for about a week and a half!

We're off to the US tomorrow morning! Less than 12 hours to go, so excited. I'm gonna miss these munchkins the most! I've had Panda sleep in bed next to me ever since we got her so I will definitely miss my head-butting wake up calls at random hours.

I'm not bringing my laptop with me so I won't be doing any posts until I get back, but I do have a few scheduled ones coming up. I will definitely be posting a lot pics on Instagram throughout our trip.


  1. Have an amazing and safe trip!!! Can't wait to see your instagram updates - hope you can fit in some tweets too!

  2. Have an amazing trip!
    Panda looks so sweet.
    Your bruises look so nasty, I do not do well with needles or blood myself. Big hugs and props to you for doing so well despite the shocking stabby lady.
    Look forward to your return!

  3. Oh Lordy... I had my hand over my mouth over your bruised arm!!! Ouch!!!

    My cat, Bender, needed 2 needles last weekend... I was holding back tears telling the vet what was wrong with him. Yep... He didn't notice the needles, I just thought he was being brave, not that they just didn't feel it. haha.

    Have the BEST time in the US!!! Can't wait to see all your purchase! :)

    By the way... I am scared of Disqus but signed up just to comment. haha. I am Missy from http://itsmissysworld.blogspot.com.au/

  4. Your cats are adorable!