Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Our last stop was LA. We were meant to go to Disneyland on day #1 and then off to a hotel near the airport on day #2 to explore LA before our very late flight home. But we decided to cancel our 2nd hotel and just go to Disneyland both days as neither of us was that interested in checking out anything else. Luckily the place we stayed at had plenty of free rooms so we were able to book an extra night there. We stayed at Super 8 in Anaheim, it was a 10minute walk to Disneyland, I had pretty low expectations for the $90 a night we paid, but the room was actually really nice.

Disneyland is as awesome as you'd expect. It doesn't matter how old you are, you instantly turn into your 5year old Disney-obsessed self the second you hear the Disney music as you're walking towards the entrance.

  • I personally don't think two adults need more than just 1 full day there but you won't be bored going two days in a row. (We didn't go to Disney California Adventure Park)
  • Since our hotel was so close, we went back & rested for a bit half way through the day so you we had enough energy to stay there until almost closing time. It's gorgeous at night time plus the fireworks and Fantasmic are a must-see.
  • Most of the rides are very motion sickness friendly for losers like me who can't do a 360deg turn without feeling dizzy, so I didn't really miss out on much. 
  • We spent the first night at Downtown Disney (no tickets required) there are quite a few stores and restaurants. We ate at Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen, which serves typical New Orleans food. We had a 'Street Sampler' and it was SO GOOD. We also had an insanely delish desert called Double Chocolate Bread Pudding, but we ate it before we remembered to take a photo.
  • Although everyone says the food is very expensive, it's still cheaper than we'd pay at theme parks in Australia. Only expensive thing we came across is the $6 hot dog and $8 popcorn, the restaurants are reasonably priced.
  • We bought our tickets the night before because the lines were smaller, but the 2nd day we bought them in the morning and stood in line for about 2 minutes.



    Disneyland. I hate you! You lucky, lucky duck. The scenery in that park is simply magnificent; I hope I'll be able to go again some day.

    As a tip on the theme park food--hey, bring your own! We did this all the time for Dreamworld in Australia (even when it was against the rules). We'd make sandwiches and bring cup-o-noodle soups and thermos bottles full of boiling water and things like that. It was soooo much cheaper than feeding a whole family during a day of themepark excitement!

  2. This is definitely a must do now!

  3. I spent 3 days at disneyland! LOVED IT! Planning on going again at the end of this year, I don't think I can ever get bored of disneyland.