Tuesday, 25 June 2013

New York Pt.1

  • We found the HopStop app & website really handy for Subway trips.
  • Don't speak to people at Times Square! They suck you in with questions, then you're stuck there buying tickets to something or CDs or whatever else they feel like charging you for.
  • We had a list of all the things we wanted to do/see and went through it depending on the weather or just our mood in general.
  • At the NY airport, go straight to the official Taxi lines (look for signs), loads of unofficial drivers will try lure you into the parking lot as you're exiting. They may be cheaper but I read some horror stories online, not worth the small discount. (It happened to us, lucky Hubby wasn't half asleep like I was and realised what they were doing.)
  • For tips, we just doubled the tax, and housekeeping $2-$4, depending on how messy we left the room.
  • We knew that most money disappears on food so we were extra careful with that. We'd have breakfast at McDonalds or share a meal at a diner (big portions), lunch was normally a snack like a hot dog (or dessert) and dinner was a slice of pizza almost every night! (Pizza was from Patzeria Perfect Pizza, soooo good.)
  • We only ate at restaurants we really liked about twice a week, this was usually a reward for walking all day.
  • Favourite place to eat was at Juniors. We originally went there to have cheesecake, but their meals were so, so good. They are huge portions and their Barbecue Chicken Salad was the best meal I had in forever.
  • You have to visit Little Italy, if anything just for the Ferrara Bakery, the desserts are insanely nice. We went to Little Italy twice just for that place.
  • We didn't plan on going to Century21, but walked past it on our way to the 9/11 Memorial. Loads of awesome bargains, but you really need a long time in there to go through everything.
  • The 9/11 Memorial is really nice to visit but bring some cash, as they pressure you to tip as you are getting your tickets. Also it's really douchey to take selfies at the memorial!
  • Because we got up ridiculously early, we'd go back to the hotel after lunch for an hour or two to rest and then back out until whenever. This really helped us walk everywhere without having our poor feet fall off. Plus, when you're up early, you enjoy the city without all the crowds.
  • New York weather is really unpredictable, we had 11° and lots of rain to a few 30° days in a row. And the forecast changes a lot so make sure you pack all kinds of clothes.


  1. Yes, second the rec for Junior's - awesome cheesecake and reasonably priced. Looks like you had a wonderful time ;)

  2. Jealous! I soooo want to go to New York!!! Loving the posts!x

  3. your photos are so clear and gorgeous x

  4. Great photos - you've got a real eye for detail.