Thursday, 13 June 2013

US Shopping!

I'm backkkkk! I'm still going through all the photos so my posts may take a few days but I took photos of my purchases before they were packed up to make blogging easier when I got home. So this will be the first post, then the trip posts backwards, because it's easier that way and NY will probably be a double post and take the longest.

Now onto the fun stuff, the shopping! My buys are nowhere near as crazy as most girls who go to the US, I somehow stayed well under my budget. I only bought things that were a lot cheaper or hard to find in Australia. Hubby on the other hand, completely out-shopped me.

Bought this Michael Kors bag on our last day in New York. I have the large version of this but I needed a cross body bag and I fell in love with this Selma Medium Messenger. The MK stores had a really small collection of these (and a clue-less Sales Assistant who claimed the bag didn't come in black, despite the fact that we saw it in person the day before!) but Macy's had all of the available colours.

I went into Sephora with a list because it's the one place that's way too easy to get carried away in. I stocked up on my favourite Bobbi Brown Corrector which was $22, and I pay $42 in David Jones. I haven't used the Benefit POREfessional before but it's something I needed and the l'Occitane hand cream, which will probably be completely used up by the end of Winter.

We REALLY need a Bath & Body works in Australia! Apart from The Body Shop, which is similar but a lot more expensive, there's nothing like the store here. They had a 'Buy 3 get, 3 free' (I think) deal on so I managed to get enough body lotions to last me a whole year. And the candles (which are enormous!) were 2 for $22.

I was really surprised at the small OPI/Essie collections in all the stores. I had a lot of trouble finding the shades I wanted but eventually found them all except for an older Essie colour. The biggest stands I found were at a place called Beauty 35, which sold hair stuff, full collection of NYX and various nail stuff. Their polishes were a bit cheaper than the RRP too, I think they were down to $6.

Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil - Essie Liquorice - Essie 5th Avenue - OPI Sweet Heart - OPI Top Coat
 (not pictured - Essie Clambake )

And the NYX stuff is also from Beauty 35, just a few blushes I remember various Youtubers mentioning. They were around $8each.

I randomly put this on my wrist while in line at Century 21 and couldn't stop sniffing it for the rest of the day. I went online to see if it was discounted anywhere but Century 21 had the lowest price so I grabbed the small bottle when we went back.

Nobody needs to see my underwear so the cute bag will have to do. I went into Victoria's Secret in NY and it was HUGE. So, so big and busy and it was really hard to see everything properly. So I just got the 7 pairs for $26. Went to the Westfield in San Francisco the 2nd time, wasn't as big but they had a lot of sale items so I got another 7 pairs plus a few things from the sales boxes. I've been putting off buying any new underwear since November so it was definitely worth the wait.

I did practically all my clothes/accessories shopping at Forever 21. The huge Forever21 in Times Square is ridiculously busy and would take you ages to get through it all and find what you want. I found loads of things online that they didn't have in the store which was really annoying. I wish I did an online order and got it all sent to the hotel, but I thought of it too late.

Got the Going Steady necklace and the one pictured below for myself and the other one as a gift for my grandma.

Went to all the Forever21's in NY I could find to get this scarf but randomly found only one left in San Francisco. It's gorgeous and was only $8!

And these 3 tops plus the shorts were the last from the Forever21 buys. I only bought the shorts because I didn't pack for the 33deg weather we had a few days in a row. The shorts are really cute though.

Randomly walked into Old Navy in Soho and checked out their sales (I seem to be a tight-ass even on holidays!) and found these tops for $19 and the yellow/grey jumper for $8.

And lastly I had to get myself something from Tiffany's on Fifth Avenue. I don't wear my jewellery often enough so I got the medium sized porcelain Tiffany & Co Blue Box. 

I really loved this wallet from Kate Spade in 'Fresh Air' and considered getting it, until I saw the $200 price tag. Reasonably priced for a nice wallet (I only use one until it's totally worn out) but I  couldn't bring myself to spend that much on anything from Kate Spade. So now I'm just going to stalk the Nordstrom website until it goes on sale.

I also bought a few things for a giveaway which I'll start once I finish all my trip posts!


  1. You did well!! I love the little blue box!

  2. Great purchases and I love the MK bag.. I think it going to go on my USA shopping list now. When we were in NYC last I ummed and ahhed about buying something from Tiffanys, but it is so overpriced, a new little memento like the box is a good idea.

  3. For some reason this post just showed up on my feed! Great purchases, love all the makeup you bought!