Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Random Ramblings

If you haven't already noticed, the blog is back to it's old name again. I had so much trouble since I changed the name with weird errors that nobody could fix or explain. So to keep my sanity I went back and no more error messages!

My wisdom tooth was having a party in my mouth for about a week, on the day it calmed down we went to the city to have Hanaichi. I ended up chewing a piece of meat on the wrong side, and the pain just shot straight to my head, I felt like I was going to pass out. It took about 40minutes for it to start easing off, thank god for Starbucks ice, I probably would have ended up in the emergency room otherwise. So that meal was hardly enjoyed, but I'm all good now and we had it yesterday without any issues!

It's our 8year Anniversary today and hubby gave me my present 2 days early since I gave him his a few weeks ago. He got me an iPad mini!!! I've been complaining about the iPad 3's battery life for ages now and didn't want a Kindle so this is perfect. Just gotta go to the Apple store and buy one of the magnetic folding case thingies.

I was trying really hard to use these sparingly since I can't get them here but eBay has loads for a decent price so I'll be stocking up on more as soon as these start dying on me.

It's not weird at all not letting customers try on this specific rack of clothes...

My local MYER is in a tiny shopping centre and they get a lot of other MYER's unsold sale stuff. So although it doesn't stock much, the sales bins are always packed. I somehow resisted the $9 Essie polishes and hugely discounted perfumes.

Pretty sure this is the only time my hair was (half-assed) done for the last 3 weeks. Really bad but the rain/wind ruins it anyway so I just have it up. Plus this has got to be the most awkward hair length to work with, should be getting it cut on Friday!

Sometimes a big bed just isn't big enough for two kitties..

This is Panda's new food area, I had to replace her ugly mismatched bowls to make it a little more attractive. The other kitties know where her food is now so when they're inside for playtime, all of it is empty.

And speaking of the munchkins...
I hate clothing on pets but this was a gift and I had to get a photo. They weren't dressed for any longer than 10 seconds so they weren't too fussed.


  1. Are you planning on getting your wisdom teeth out? Sounds like they're not worth having in there!

    Haha so that's where all the Myer reject stock goes. How good of you to resist those Essie polishes, I don't think I would've had the same willpower.


    1. Yeah I think I'll be getting rid of them soon, but knowing me I'll just wait until the pain comes back haha.

      I may, or may not go back to Myer to have another look at them over the weekend ;)

  2. I just lived through L having his wisdoms out-funnily enough it was much worse than when I had my own out! Hope you feel better soon! Glad the errors have gone away-the internet is SO weird sometimes!!

  3. I strongly recommend having wisdom teeth taken out. I put it off and now my bottom teeth are crooked, my wisdom teeth have shoved their way in there, but 3 years of braces as a teenager has gone to waste.

  4. Oh no, hope your wisdoms are okay! I haven't really grown mine yet and neither of my parents ever grew theirs so I'm hoping for the same!!
    Such cheap Essie polishes! Must check out these sales haha

  5. Love that pic of your passed out kitty. Too cute. Good idea about having the tray under the food bowls. My cat manages to make such a mess of his nibbies - it drives me crazy.

  6. You dress up your cats!! I love this blog already.