Sunday, 9 March 2014

Acrylic Makeup Drawers

A big fat sorry for coming back to blog, and then not doing it. My laptop had its latest update and now won't stop restarting itself whenever it feels like it. Although Blogger does save my stuff regularly as I'm writing it, sometimes it doesn't & I keep losing my posts. I need to take it to the Apple hospital so before I do that I'll try writing a post or two.

I wanted one of these clear makeup drawers for ages but couldn't bring myself to spend $100+ on one, then randomly on Catch of the Day they had them for $40 so I grabbed one! It's very durable, has a good grip on the bottom and the drawers aren't flimsy. 

I'm really glad I got one, I can see where everything is and it's not a pain to reach for my stuff everyday.
I don't really have that much make-up so everything is organised in sections without being too full.

Powders: Blushes / Bronzer / Setting Powder/ Illuminator

Foundations / Concealer / Corrector 

Eyeshadows / Eyeliners / Bases

Nail Stuff & Tools

Lips / Lashes / Brows

Hand & Foot Creams / Other Skincare Stuff


  1. I saw these too but didn't pick any up since I'm quite happy with my $15 plastic storage drawers from Officeworks. I probably need a second set though - everything is piling up and I have to rummage around to find what I'm looking for!

  2. OHHHH so glad that you found one at a good price. Seriously they rock!!