Wednesday, 26 March 2014

H&M Wishlist

When we went to the US I walked into H&M once or twice and nothing caught my eye. Maybe it's because I had so many other stores to spend my money play in but I'm super excited for it to open here.

Since it's my birthday a week after the official opening I might pop in then, best to avoid these kinda stores for a while until the hype dies down. I said the same thing about Zara but went in a few days later and stood in line with my super patient husband for 15 minutes so we'll see.

I love being able to look through the stuff online, it'll make the shopping much easier. I pinned these things so I know what to look for once I'm in there.


  1. Look at that dress!!! I'm quite excited too and honestly i don't ever buy anything from h&m Singapore!

  2. I went absolutely crazy buying basics for super cheap in Tokyo and Shanghai h&m and was pleasantly surprised at the affordable prices on the Australian store. Thought they would mark it up way more! I can't wait to check it out - so good for basics!

  3. They do have so much stuff don't they? Good to have a list so that you can not be too distracted...Happy early bday for next week!