Saturday, 20 August 2016


I don't know if people read blogs anymore but I'm having a very boring Saturday and felt the need to write something. This will probably be a rare occasion and more diary like than a nice blog. Not much exciting stuff happens in my life but I wanted to document our trip to Canada & USA.

So I'll start off with Canada. We had no intentions of going to Canada up until 5 months before our trip to America. We were meant to go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter which would have taken up 4 days in total (getting there, spending 2 days there then getting back) but as much I like Harry Potter it just wasn't worth all that effort and money. I randomly started Googling nice places and recognised a picture of Lake Louise from a late night rerun on Getaway. I did a little bit of research into it, suggested it to the husband (who immediately agreed) and the pain in the ass planning went ahead.
Pain in the ass because;
a) A lot of stuff to see but it's all spread far apart
b) Accommodation was either very expensive or unavailable 
c) Cramming many things into 6 days (most of which we were majorly jet lagged) was hard
But in the end it was totally worth it.

- We went to both Banff & Jasper. The drive between the two is about 4-5hours so if you're not into the long drive or don't have the time I would leave Jasper out. Especially because the drive back from Jasper to the airport ends up being around 6hours.
- You're better off renting a car than relying on tour buses. We paid about $100 a day for a car.



  • We stayed at Mountain View Inn in Canmore. It was a 20min drive to Banff, had it's own little town area within walking distance. Grocery stores, Subway, McDonalds etc.
  • Jasper accommodation is extremely hard to find unless you book way in advance. Almost all homes rent out rooms, which you can find here. But even they get booked very fast.
  • We stayed at Castle Guest House in Jasper. Our room had it's own entrance on the bottom floor/basement. We had our own kitchen, bathroom and a big comfortable bed. We only saw the owner once to pay the rest of the fees but it was basically like staying in a hotel. It was also walking distance to the town which was handy.


Where we went:
Vermillion Lakes
Johnston Canyon
Lake Louise
Moraine Lake
Banff Town Centre

Stops between Banff & Jasper
Bow Lake
Peyto Lake (this was an uphill walk for about 15mins and once we got there it was completely covered by clouds. We managed to see the lake for a few seconds but the walk was gorgeous so I recommend it anyway)

Patricia Lake
Pyramid Lake
Maligne Lake (and the cruise to Spirit Island)
Medicine Lake



- If you're looking for animals you'll find a lot more in Jasper. Usually you'll see a bunch of cars parked to the side if there's an animal around.
- Jasper is an authentic small town where as Banff is more touristy. You won't find chain restaurants (aside from Pizza Hut) or big hotels in Jasper.
- Jasper is a lot more expensive than Banff.
- I don't have any food recommendations, we were very stingy and ate fast food or pizza. We did frequently go grocery shopping and stocked up on snacks as most drives were pretty lengthy. Poutine is very popular in Canada and we had that in Banff. Husband loved it, I threw up 5 times at a McDonalds nearby. So eat at your own risk!

Lake Louise
Lake Louise

Moraine Lake
Spirit Island

Walk to Peyto Lake
Castle Guest House in Jasper
Patricia Lake


  1. Beautiful pics that you post. Living in Toronto, I really should get out west and check out that scenery sometime. And, yes, blogs do get read by others at times! :-)

  2. Oh my goodness, just BEAUTIFUL! The blue just goes so well with your blog background too hehe. What a gorgeous trip!!

  3. Love that you've blogged again!

    Those lake photos are stunning!