Wednesday, 23 November 2016

MAC Eyeshadow Palette Review - Cool Neutral

If you follow me on Instagram you've probably seen me mention this MAC Palette a thousand times already. Sorry in advance because this whole post is dedicated to it.


I didn't have too much makeup on my US Shopping list but I knew I wanted a good palette.  I considered making my own custom one at MAC but it wasn't as affordable as I first thought so I scrapped that idea pretty fast. Then I spotted this on the MAC website and the colours were very similar to what I would have chosen for myself so I bought it as soon as I found a MAC store that had one in stock, or SAs who actually wanted to serve their customers! The palette was only $65 (around $87AUD) which is very cheap for a palette this size.

There's both a Warm and Cool Neutral palette but I decided to go with the cool ones because the plummy shades were pretty and not something I already own. I was tempted to get the other one too but I knew it'd take me forever to get through this one anyway.

The colours range from very light highlight shades up to a very pigmented black shimmery shade. There's a nice range of shimmers and mattes which is really versatile for both daytime and nigh time looks. The only thing I dislike is the number of pale shades, as you can see on my swatches - they all look very similar on pale skin. 

The Palette is available in Aus currently for $135 (was $195 in August). It's pricey but you're paying $9 for a single MAC eyeshadow. I know some brands release LE Palettes and the quality is really bad compared to their usual products. I personally didn't see any downgrade in eyeshadow quality with this palette. They're just as creamy, pigmented and long lasting as their usual stuff.

So if you're after some new makeup, a gift or need something to add to your wish list for Santa, I strongly recommend either of the 15x Palettes.

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